BoJack Horseman: Season 1 (2014) – TV Review


Being part of the Netflix wave of TV series, BoJack Horseman has boomed to such an extent that it’s already been commissioned a second season just weeks after its release.

Will Arnett is the voice behind BoJack Horseman, an ex-celebrity who found his fame on the hit 90s TV show ‘Horsin’ Around’. The 12 episode season seeks to explain his rise and fall whilst assessing his current state of affairs by having ghost writer Diane Nguyen (Alison Brie) write Bojack’s auto-biography. She soon discovers it’s quite difficult to keep BoJo away from the alcohol and stop his roommate/squatter Todd, played exquisitely by Aaron Paul, from throwing too many parties and doing too many drugs.

The show takes place in a wacky anthropomorphic world that allows the writers to create characters like Neal McBeal the Navy Seal (who is, of course, an actual seal). But the comedy really lies with the dialogue, Raphael Bob-Waksberg packs his scripts with an array of comedic devices that make the show original in a time where innovative laughs are becoming more and more rare. And what better voice actors to add the personality and timing to the lines than Arnett, Kirsten Schaal, Patton Oswalt, Naomi Watts (who knew?) and even Aaron Paul (again, who knew?).

Although the show is unquestionably a comedy it also creates threads of passion between certain characters, both negative and positive ones, from Diane and BoJack’s awkward pseudo-romantic rapport to BoJack and Herb Kazzaz’s (Stanley Tucci) touching friendship. Not to mention BoJack’s deeply melancholic childhood too. The show diversifies itself with this more ‘serious’ dimension of humanity from other comedy animation shows of today. But, as you’ll discover from episode 11, it still unconditionally embraces it’s animation side with one of the most drug-induced psychedelic trips I’ve ever witnessed on screen.

BoJack Horseman is foul mouthed, lazy, and a bit of a scumbag but you’ll love to watch him horsin’ around just like I did. It’s on Netflix so make sure you’re up to date when Series 2 comes out.


Dan Iacono



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