A Prelude to The Wind Rises: Miyazaki’s Magical Journeys


Japanese animation’s mercurial magician is without question my cinematic idol. The magnitude of his success is most recently recognised by fellow cartoon titan “The Simpsons”; paying homage to his greatest characters through the guise of Evergreen Terrace. From April, the British Film Institute will launch a ‘Studio Ghibli season’ spanning across two months, recognising the organisation’s glittering back catalogue.

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Frozen (2013) – Film Review


Disney’s unstoppable directorial duo of Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee have struck financial gold and received great critical acclaim, bucking the revitalised trend of the animated musical. Having won Best Animated Feature in practically every award ceremony possible and on the road once again to Oscar’s success: Is this festive snowflake that different from the rest? MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS

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