A Prelude to The Wind Rises: Miyazaki’s Magical Journeys


Japanese animation’s mercurial magician is without question my cinematic idol. The magnitude of his success is most recently recognised by fellow cartoon titan “The Simpsons”; paying homage to his greatest characters through the guise of Evergreen Terrace. From April, the British Film Institute will launch a ‘Studio Ghibli season’ spanning across two months, recognising the organisation’s glittering back catalogue.

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6 Years a Filmmaker – Steve McQueen’s Filmography


Steve McQueen’s 2013 Academy Award-winning historical drama on Solomon Northup sold into slavery seems to receive a huge wave of awards and nominations, and is honoured by all major film festivals and ceremonies including the Oscars. Although his third feature film probably is the crowning achievement of his career (so far), McQueen is no one-hit wonder – his previous works deserve recognition too. MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS

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