The Selfish Giant (2013) – Film Review

Selfish Giant

An often explored topic on British screens is the cultural divide between the upper and the lower classes, the economic hardship it creates and the negativity that emerges out of desperation for those in need. Based on the Oscar Wilde story of the same name, “The Selfish Giant” produces an impassioned and sophisticated insight into such struggle.

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Vera Drake (2004) – Film Analysis


British realist director Mike Leigh’s 2004 drama ‘Vera Drake’ focuses on the story of its title character (Imelda Staunton), a working class woman performing backstreet abortions in postwar London. Following the pseudo-documentary works of British New Wave filmmakers Ken Loach or Lindsay Anderson, Leigh delivers a social drama offering an insight on the medical, financial and domestic circumstances of working class families in 1950s England, using objective camerawork and a screenplay based on unscripted actor improvisation in order to create a film that is able to present a fragment of reality.

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